n. & v. (US mold)
1 a hollow container into which molten metal etc. is poured or soft material is pressed to harden into a required shape.
2 a a metal or earthenware vessel used to give shape to puddings etc. b a pudding etc. made in this way.
3 a form or shape, esp. of an animal body.
4 Archit. a moulding or group of mouldings.
5 a frame or template for producing mouldings.
6 character or disposition (in heroic mould).
1 make (an object) in a required shape or from certain ingredients (was moulded out of clay).
2 give a shape to.
3 influence the formation or development of (consultation helps to mould policies).
4 (esp. of clothing) fit closely to (the gloves moulded his hands).
mouldable adj. moulder n.
Etymology: ME mold(e), app. f. OF modle f. L modulus: see MODULUS
n. (US mold) a woolly or furry growth of minute fungi occurring esp. in moist warm conditions.
Etymology: ME prob. f. obs. mould adj.; past part. of moul grow mouldy f. ON mygla
n. (US mold)
1 loose earth.
2 the upper soil of cultivated land, esp. when rich in organic matter.
Phrases and idioms:
mould-board the board in a plough that turns over the furrow-slice.
Etymology: OE molde f. Gmc., rel. to MEAL(2)

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